Steve’s Obituary

Not too long ago we began a test in order to see how long a tardigrade could live under the circumstances we need. The test included 1 tardigrade in a small petri-dish with 1.5ml of water ager and 1.5ml of water put in the fridge. Steve (the name we gave the tardigrade) was checked daily and then put back in the fridge overnight. Finally after 23 days (552 hours) Steve died on November 20th. Now that we have done this test we have a rough estimate as to how long we can keep tardigrades before using them. This is great because it means we can keep them at least 10 days because we don’t know how old Steve was and we don’t know how old other tardigrades will be in the future.Kylie 2

Tardigrade Troubles

DSCN8261Team Tardigrade (Kylie, Emma and Cullen) was about to finish the glyphosate tests when we realised that the bottom of the petri dish is to slippery for the tardigrades to grip and walk around on. As a result we think the tardigrades are dieing because of the stress or somthing similar. All they do is sit on their backs and move their feet, trying to get up. We have decided to take some time to figure out how to solve this problem buy testing agur, fake and real moss, and various other substances so that they are they can go about their daily duties and we can still see them. Although once we find somthing that works we will have to redo the control and the chemicals with the addition.