About Aaron W

I am actually a dog that just wants to learn science.

The Middle

102_0026Lately, we have been removing guts from bees. We are taking out the gut to look for nosema spores located in them. The main section where the spores would be found are in the middle part of the gut where it is darker and larger. We are removing 25 bee guts per hive and mixing them together to take a random sample of guts to look for nosema spores in a hive. The darker the gut, the more nosema the bee is likely to have. We will be testing 10 hives in the process when looking for nosema spores.DSCN0450 They must be removed by pulling lightly on the stinger and cutting off the middle gut to keep for testing.  As of now, we are in “the middle” of testing our project. We hope to finish soon so we can get results and data on the health of beehives in Transylvania County.

Beez in the Trap (It’s a song)


bee3Over the past couple of days, Hannah, Ingrid, and Aaron (aka HIA) have been at work completing the “suck-a-bee” in order to collect bees. We have cut out and applied tubing and such in order to collect bees for nosema testing. It seems to work perfectly with no problems. The bees will be sucked up into it and be trapped in a mason jar (Beez in the Trap). bee2Along with it, we have now acquired bee suits to go visit and collect bees inside of hives. We are now prepared to go out into the field, we just need to know where to go. Until we have our hive sites chosen, we plan to do further research and prepare for testing. HIA is ready to proceed to the next level!bee1