Research Program


8-Matt West and Alan CameronVolunteers with the TIME program say that high school students CAN do real, meaningful research and that they love supporting student efforts by:

  • discussing and brainstorming project ideas
  • giving feedback on presentations and papers
  • assisting with specialized laboratory techniques
  • helping access published journal articles
  • connecting students with experts
  • sharing their expertise
  • reviewing student applications
  • celebrating student successes
  • 1-Dr. Kent Wilcox and Sarah Johnsonspreading good news
  • supporting the next generation of scientists

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Thanks to all of our TIME volunteers!

  • Kent Wilcox
  • Ken Chepenik
  • Don Wauchope
  • Ed Shwartzman
  • SMALL227Mike Judd
  • Alan Cameron
  • Summer Cortinas
  • Richard Gualandi
  • Tim Fleming
  • Susan Fay
  • Jeanine Davis
  • Bryan Dubois
  • David Zumstein
  • David Williams
  • Gerry Kilpatrick
  • Woody Eaton
  • Cindy Carpenter
  • Lisa Smith
  • Eric Caldwell
  • Jay Case
  • Paul Sisco
  • Judy Coker
  • Bart Renner
  • Harriett Walls
  • Kaitlin McCreery
  • Erika Williams
  • Bruce Roberts

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