Gotta Get the Green

DSCN8126The search for lignin degrading enzymes is starting to come to a close. After identifying which of our samples were producing enzymes using the guaiacol assay, we performed PCR on these samples and sent the isolated DNA of to be sequenced. After receiving the sequenced DNA, we blasted the samples using the GENBANK database. Our results were surprising. Apparently, the green mold we had thought was contamination was actually a LDE producing fungi! I guess we should have done some more research on the fungi we had assumed was hurting our samples before we jumped to conclusions.

Now that we have identified our samples, were are moving into the project assembly phase. Much of the past few weeks had been spent creating our final presentation, writing our paper, and creating graphs. With Christmas break coming and our project coming to close, our group is experiencing the bittersweet feeling of the end coming into sight.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

platesFor the past week, we’ve spent nearly every day in the hood, plating fungi. Whether its isolating fungi from samples using water agar, or plating isolated fungi for growth on PDA, our time in TIME has been spent surrounded by the smell of agar and the hum of the hood’s blower. Due to our large number of samples and our limited time, its looks like this will continue to be a pattern for the time being. Everyday there will be things to plate, colonies to transfer, and assay’s to check. Let’s just hope there’s enough room in the incubator for all these stacks.