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I have grafted soybeans to Kudzu  and peas to Kudzu. I used a razor blade to make a flat cut on both scion and rootstock. I clipped the scion and rootstock together with a grafting clip and secured it with a straw.

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The peas just died and did not fuse to the rootstock. However, the soybeans wilted but fused with the rootstock. I thought it might have been because the grafting clips are too tight and choked the scion. I grafted again yesterday and sure enough, the soybean top section (scion) has grafted to kudzu, but the clip crushed the scion right above the graft union.  Try, try again!

I found a BUGGG

I have been “scarifing” Kudzu seeds for several days now. Scarifing is another word for cutting open the seed hulls so that they will germinate. Every other seed or so would be very fat and brittle. The insides would also be juicy and yellow. Carver 2It occurred to me that the yellow juicy stuff was guts of some sort of critter! CarverYes, there is a little yellow larvae of sorts, within the majority of seeds harvested from local Kudzu. So far, I have not found any information on what these little fellers are and why they are in my seeds! Next week I will send a PCR to the gene bank and hopefully Identify what these larvae are.

We Dipped We Dipped!!!!!!!!

100_0053You are looking at the first Coleus X Hybridous to have ever been used for a floral dip in this experiment!carver

Today I spun down the agrobacterium culture to pellet cells. Then I re-suspended the cells in a sucrose solution and submerged the flower buds in the solution. Then the plant was kept under high humidity for 24 hrs and then returned to regular growing conditions.

Genetically Modified Coleus!

I am taking multiple cuttings of Coleus, which  are very common ornamental plants used for their bright foliage, and suspending the buds in a liquid Agrobacterium tumefaciens culture with the hopes that the A. tumefaciens will transfer genetic information into the non-fertilized eggs in the ovaries of the coleus flowers. Once the flowers are fertilized and the Coleus completes it’s life cycle, the seeds will be collected and screened for the genetic transformation