Walnut Twig Beetle Identifying Kit – Does such thing exist?

Yes it does and we have Kelly Oten, North Carolina Forest Health Monitoring Coordinator, to thank! We had emailed Brian Heath, North Carolina Forest Health Specialist, and asked him if he had any suggestions for identifying the beetles that we were finding in our traps. He forwarded our email to Kelly Oten and her response made us very hopeful! In her email she told us that she might be able to send us a Walnut Twig Beetle in a vial of alcohol. We were thrilled. We emailed her back very quickly and received a package in the mail a few days later. We were expecting just to see the walnut twig beetle, but instead were given many surprises.crista Not only did she gives us a male and female walnut twig beetle she also provided us with a small identification tool and pamphlets about thousand cankers disease. We could not have been more grateful!! Thank you SOOOO much Kelly!! This means the world to us!

Identifying beetles is a lot harder than we expected!


This week we have started documenting the beetles we have collected from our trial trap located at Brevard High School.  We take the beetles found in our trap and place them in a plastic bag.  bug 2When we get inside they are placed inside the freezer for thirty minutes.  After thirty minutes we place all beetles found into their own small petri dish.  Then we began to use a stereoscope to determine the width and length of the beetles found.  We take pictures of the Dorsal, Ventral, bug 1Antennae, Width, and Length of every beetle.  Parafilm is used to seal shut and then they are placed back into the freezer.  After all round one beetles are collected and documented, then we will decide what beetles to identify and what beetles to discard.  Wish us luck!