Attention!Attention!It’s kudzu bug TIME.

carlyOur project is to see kudzu bug attraction to plant volatiles. Kudzu bugs are native to china and came over to the US in 2009 by plane.You can find Kudzu bugs mostly eating on soybeans and Kudzu plant. We are testing to see will  Kudzu bugs well be more attracted to plants with more or no E-2 Hexenal. E-2 Hexenal is a green odor that is found in most plant stems.So far we have grown our soybeans and they have germinated .We went to the Kudzu patch outside of the football  field at and BHS. We have tested Kudzu and have gotten a variety of Kudzu and control(water).We have found out that we have been turning on a light in the air vent which means that your test are wrong. I bet you are wondering WHY,well Kudzu bugs like light!All the Kudzu bugs that I tested went to water…the water was right over the light! Keeping looking for the next update!