First Results

DSCN0191It has been over three weeks now so on the just passed Monday and Tuesday, Ally and I looked at our trial one set of vials. As expected, all the adelgid we checked on the branch from the Imodacloprid vial were dead, and all the adelgid on the negative control vial were still alive and the branch looked healthy as if we had just picked it. Where as the Imodacloprid branch seemed to be dying. As for our other vials, the results were not what we expected or hoped they would be but we are still thinking positive about them. They were in between positive and negative results.

TIME to stock our stock solutions!!

blogThis week Ally and I have been working with our antibiotics. On Monday (and Friday) we made our stock solutions for the antibiotics, the stock solutions are distilled water and 20ml of our antibiotics mixed together and dissolved by the vortexer. The first one we did was the Rifampicin, and it was an….. interesting go-around. Why you may ask? Because. Because, originally we were going to dissolve 20ml of the Rifampicin into 10ml of distilled water but it wouldn’t dissolve. So we put the solution into a bigger jar and added 40ml of water making it 50ml of water, but it still didn’t dissolve completely. Then we added 10ml more of water, didn’t work, then we added 15ml more and it finally dissolved making the solution with 75ml of water. And today, we sterilized our solutions, sucking each one up then running it through a small filter into a new tube. We relabeled each one and put them in the fridge. Now all we need are some hemlock branches with adelgid on them and we are set to rock and roll.