Mysid Massacre

Due to reasons unbeknownst to us, the 100 Mysid shrimp that had been placed into premium condition habitats died. We assume that these reasons pertained to a lack of food and the nature of these beasts that leads to cannibalism. Duh! Duh! DUUUH!shrimp

On a side note, we began preliminary testing for the YES assay to see if our Stevia extract would kill the yeast and luckily, after letting the yeast grow in our extract with a growth medium, we had yeast! Yay!

Stevia EDCs… and the many tests that come with…

Cameron, Erin, and Sam have started to create the intricate set up that will be needed to find any Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in many different extracts of Stevia and it’s compounds. Since Stevia is such a large player in the sweetener world it was quite confusing as to why the whole plant was be banned by the FDA… for many years. The student researchers are trying out three different tests that are all very time consuming and tedious, and are very excited to get started!logo They recently got the news that the Swiss company Xenometrix is giving them a $1600 kit for nothing other than shipping costs, to help them jump start one of their assays. With the news of really being able to get started these three are looking forward to being able to solve this puzzle once and for all.