Research Program

Hello TIME 4 Real Science Program Graduates!  We need your help!

You may know that we have continued the TIME program since your time with us and are currently operating as a school day honors science course with summer and after school components.  Students have done quite well with this model as they have more time during the school day to work on their research projects and find it easier to collaborate with their partners.  Please check out the links below to read a recent article about the TIME program and see our new video!

NCSU Perspectives article: Brevard High School Students’ Research Wins Accolades

TIME 4 Real Science Video

You may also know that we are entering our final year of funding and that we are exploring new ways of continuing the program.  One important aspect that we must consider as we move forward is YOU, our program graduates.  Funders want to know how the program impacted you!  We hope that you will complete the following survey to assist us in this endeavor.

TIME Science Research Program ALUMNI Survey

Thank you so much for your TIME!  The program would not be what it is today without YOU!  Mrs. Williams, Ms. Patch, Mrs. Arnaudin, Dr. Wilcox