Die Grinder Please Don’t Die

Chase 2As said in my previous blog post, this year my associate James Thomson and I will be testing whether the pressure produced from dry ice sublimation could be a way to generate energy for q Mars exploration through a pressure engine. We are testing this by putting dry ice (solid CO2) into our pressure vessel (Arksen Bead Seater) and letting it fully sublimate and then running turbine of sorts. Our turbine was originally supposed to be a pneumatic wrench as seen on the right. Chase 2b

However when tested it only had 120 RPM and generated 4 volts of electricity with our DC motor generator. We decided then to get a pneumatic tool that had much higher RPM to generate more electricity. The tool we selected was an angle die grinder (image to the left that was rated to go at 20,000 RPM. As a test to see how the tool would operate under our test conditions, we used an air compressor to pressurize your tank to 90 psi, the max pressure the turbine operates under, and recorded how long the turbine would run for. The turbine ran for a total of 34 seconds at a very noticeably higher speed than our previous turbine. We expect with the faster speed we should generate much more electricity.