Results, Results, Results!

DSCN8246For the past three weeks Lauren has been looking in to the stereoscope at many adelgids from each branch, looking to see if they are alive or dead. The results were not very positive, for a different reason than we weren’t expecting. Yes most of the adelgid that was checked were dead but there were way too many variables playing into why they were dead such as; the antibiotic worked in killing them, most of the vials liquid went below where the branch end could reach, or because almost all the vials had some form of bacteria or fungi in them. This realization kind of put a bruise in our project but it sets us up well for future projects.

The Waiting Game!!

Ally and Lauren’s project is testing Hemlock Woolly Adelgids reaction to different antibiotics. We will stick the branches in 6 vials with a different solution in each one, 4 of them having a different antibiotic, another with imidacloprid and one a control with just sucrose. And the waiting game begins.DSCN0039 Today we have finalized our plan as to what we are going to do these next few weeks. We hope to make our vials next Friday. We will have a three hour window to do this in. Ally plans to go and collect Hemlock branches early that day and then begin setting up our vials that afternoon. But for now, we are waiting on our antibiotics to come in from Sigma.  Hopefully two are going to come in tomorrow and the other two later this week.